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If your lab has more than one GC, or LCMS System, your lab could benefit from a Hydrogen or Nitrogen Lab Server from Proton OnSite. Lab servers are large capacity laboratory gas generators that can supply multiple GC or LCMS systems.  Why purchase and maintain multiple gas generators for your lab, when you can purchase one lab server from Proton OnSite to meet all your needs? Click here to learn more.


GC Lab's with Multiple instruments can benefit from Proton OnSite's Hydrogen Lab Server. Proton's Hydrogen Lab Server is available in capacities of 4,800 cc/min, 9,600 cc/min, and 18,000 cc/ min, and is capable of serving over 100 GC instruments with carrier grade hydrogen.

Our Hydrogen Lab Servers utilize Proton PEM® Technology. Proton PEM Technology was originally designed for mission critical applications in militaries, NASA and industrial applications. These systems have a proven track record of reliability and safety like no other Proton Exchange Membrane Electrolyser system on the market. Proton OnSite's laboratory hydrogen generators utilize the same proven Proton PEM technology to generate hydrogen for your GC equipment. 


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Proton OnSite offers a full suite of Nitrogen Lab Servers for LCMS equipment. Nitrogen Lab Servers from Proton OnSite are compact wall mountable compressor-less nitrogen generators capable of serving multiple LCMS instruments with reliable safe and pure source of LCMS grade nitrogen.

Our Nitrogen Lab Servers can be integrated with your existing air supply, or can be paired with a dedicated compressor. With ou can expect a reliable safe and pure source of LCMS grade nitrogen.

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