Quit Cylinders for Good,

Purchase an On-site Generator from Proton OnSite

We know how much of a pain delivered gas can be. That is why we offer our customers the safest and most reliable solution for their lab's gas supply. Proton OnSite manufactures reliable on-site hydrogen and nitrogen generators that can provide your lab with a pure, safe, and reliable source of hydrogen or nitrogen on demand.  Proton OnSite is your single source for Hydrogen Nitrogen and Zero air generators. For more information visit us online at www.protononsite.com.


Hydrogen for GC Equipment 

Proton PEM Technology was originally designed for mission critical applications in militaries, NASA and industrial applications. These systems have a proven track record of reliability and safety like no other Proton Exchange Membrane Electrolyser system on the market. Proton OnSite's laboratory hydrogen generators utilize the same proven Proton PEM technology to generate hydrogen for your GC equipment. 

Generators for LCMS Equipment

Proton OnSite offers a full suite of nitrogen, zero air and dryair generators for LCMS equipment. Whether you need a stackable benchtop generator, a generator with a fully integrated compressor or a wall mounted solution, you can expect a reliable safe and pure source of LCMS grade nitrogen.

To learn more about our laboratory gas generators visit www.ProtonOnSite.com 

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